Blackpool Theatre Company

Our Goal

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer more than pantomime and venture into the realm of musicals, plays, and various stage productions. We envision a future where we can present larger-scale productions with higher budgets, allowing us to create even more captivating spectacles for our audience. As we strive for growth, we are also committed to expanding our talented team of actors and singers, ensuring that we can deliver exceptional performances that leave a lasting impression. By embracing these new opportunities and broadening our horizons, we aspire to provide diverse and unforgettable experiences to our valued patrons.

Our mission is to deliver an exceptional theatre experience, with a pantomime that is guaranteed to captivate audiences of all ages. We strive to present a polished and high-quality production that combines the elements of storytelling and variety, resulting in a unique blend of both a variety show and pantomime. With a perfect balance of humour, music, songs and engaging performances, our pantomime will create lasting memories and provide a delightful evening of entertainment for all.

We have decided to embrace a modern approach for our pantomime and other shows by moving away from traditional sets. Instead, we will be incorporating a rear screen projection technique to create our scenes. This innovative method will give our performances a more professional and polished appearance. By projecting our scenes onto the screen, we can seamlessly transition between different locations and create immersive environments for our audience. Although the prices have not been finalized, they will start from £400.

Pantomime Hire